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 However, project website is written by Japanese so that we translated our project website to English on this page.   

About Project 

     Because we're the generation which  bears future, we want to get in touch with teens all over the world and I want to share our thoughts on peace. Let's make kids smile, countries smile, world smile by the fair trade!

Hello. This is Club World Peace Japan. I'm the chief director, Taira Togashi. I was born in Tokyo and I'm in Seattle right now on exchange. When I was in elementary school, I read  a book about Iran war and I realized that the war is not about the past but it's still happening, also people at the same age are suffering, so  I thought I have something I can do to help them and  launched Club World Peace Japan in summer 2009, with my junior high school friends for hope of the world peace. 

We're peers beyond the border

we make use of the world wide CWPJ network, including the great east Japan earthquake victims and Indonesia tsunami victims working as a NGO, we gathered messages of the world peace from all teens around the world and choose several designs and messages from the vote and made a few sorts of the fair trade t-shirts and have sold first 260 shirts. We're sharing the reality of the child labor and what is happening in the real world along with selling the fair trade products to resolve those problems like child labor. Also we held teenage fair-trade t-shirts fashion show to propagate teens and younger generations. We donate apart of the proceeds to the developing countries as a support, and the other part for our CWPJ activities. We add new designs of the fair trade t-shirts regularly. 

We need $6720 for the fair trade message t-shirts production costs and for the advertising expenses. We'd like to ask for your cooperation. 

69.4% of junior high school students are feeling "anxious about their future in next 10 years" and 69.4% of high school students are feeling "society will not be bright when they become a member of the world." 

According to Sony Life Insurance company & Recruit company's investigation, about 70% of the teenagers are anxious about their future. Many children from over the world are suffering from child labor, poverty, and starvation. Japan is also facing problem of renewed poverty, but also children's suicide is becoming a major issue. Our field of activity is opened for everyone and we also wanted to make it like a second family. Through the participation in this program, we want to make it a place where all the teenagers belongs and spread to the other teenagers. We will continue our activities constructively.

There are 168 million people in the entire world and 1 in 9 children of the world are served as the child labor.

When I was in 8th grade, I came across with the international collaboration NPO called "Free the Children Japan", which began in Canada, from child to child. I learned that one in seven children (at the time) are served as the child labor, and this made my decision to participate in the drama called "Action Kids", to tell people about the reality of the child labor in the world. I wanted to do something directly to stop the child labor, but since I was too young to make an action, I started from something that i can do, which was this drama.  I was worried if I was able to tell people, but after the first stage, some audience said to me that they were moved, and this made me start to believe that I have a power to change things. "While we go to school, hangout with friends, and go to bed, same aged children are working as the child labor". "Something that we can do". These two messages are the words from the play. I was trying to tell these messages to the audience, but I realized that I was also the one who was moved by these words. I have always detected new actions "that we can do". While conveying messages, problems such as child labor is being settled. Fortunately, when I said that I'll start a new fair-trade project, many friends said that they'll help me. I absolutely want to make this project succeed.

Recognition of the fair-trade in Japan

What we can do

   Hello, I'm the co-head of Club World Peace Japan, Ayaka Nasuno. I was a junior high school student when I visited  UNICEF house, and this made me deepen my interest about fair trade. At the time, I didn't know the present condition of the poverty, international problems, and developing countries. I was just spending normal life. However, the state of the developing countries which I faces in the UNICEF house was something so shocking. Children at the same age are working. Workers who were hired for the low wages and without equal consideration. Unfair economic circulation towards the lack of knowledge for work and the education. These current states, which aren't proper took place just in front of me, and for the first time in my life, I personally felt the real condition of the world poverty. From this experience, I started to think deeply why there are so many differences even though we were born in the same planet. "Is there something that I can do to change the situation". This became the fist step of the opportunity to consider about the fair trade.

   A reaction from my friends and family had a huge influence on me to start this project. I'm studying hard to deepen the interest about the fair trade now, but there are only few people in Japan who knows about the fair trade, and this recognition of the fair trade is so low compared to other countries. I often hear the question about what is fair trade, from my friends and people who have never heard of the word 'fair trade.' However, the fair trade gentle with the earth and environment, which promotes the advantage such as producer's faces being seen than general free trade and there is a merit to secure a social rights and try to improve it by our power. This merit of the structure is not just thinking about your own profit, or one person's happiness, but everyone who takes part in the fair trade can be happy. I think the future trade from should be promoted from now on. So, from this project, i would like to spread the idea of fair trade to others not just Japan but also to the world.

Yuriage, the repayment of favor from the tsunami stricken areas

Yuriage, the city of Natori, in Miyagi prefecture, was the area that suffered from devastating damage by the Great East Japan earthquake. The sub leader and the proposer of the Natori Branch are from Yuriage. Two of them have experienced tsunami. Because we survived and overcome this disaster, we wanted to do something to help, so we started up the Natori•Sendai branch. We appreciate all the supports and cooperations. With so many help, we were able to do held Yuriage students meetings, the flash mobs at the Yuriage Morning Market, and many other activities in the community. Also we're trying to tell our experiences to other people. Yuriage members are also involved in this project as a core staff, trying mean the repayment of favor.