About us

      Club World Peace Japan started in 2009, Tokyo, Japan with founder(Taira Togashi)'s junior high school friends for hope of the world peace. The reason why we named "Club World Peace Japan" is because, we would like to spread "peace" all over the world from Japan. For this, we have 4 main purposes.

There are over 20 branches in the world, most of them are in Japan, and others are in U.S.A and Canada. We have over 700 members work for CWPJ as a volunteer. Major media in Japan such as NHK and soon made short documentary about us, and sometime on the news on TV and on news papers. 

Please go to this page to read English description of crowdfunding for our project. 

Club World Peace Japan in USA

CWPJ in Seattle WA

    CWPJ Seattle started in 2014. Our first activity was clean-up in Japan Town in international district. We are planning to do a lot of charity events like flash mob, stand up campaign etc.  We think that Seattle Team is the most international team in CWPJ.  If you have interested in to join our activities, we all welcome!!

Leader's message

今回、CWPJ Seattleチームリーダーを務めさせていただく愛知県一宮市出身の山下陽央です。(分かりますよ、何処だそれ?って思ってますよね。ググって下さい) まだまだ何にも出来ないひよっこですが、沢山の方々の意見を聞きながらリーダーとして、また1人の人間としても大きく成長していければと思います。 友達あんまり居ないので、是非一緒にボランティア参加していただけたら本当に嬉しいです。別に俺に会いたい訳じゃなくて、暇だった〜とかそういうのでも構いません、むしろ大歓迎です! ボランティアに対してあまり良いイメージが無い皆様、つまんないだろうとか面倒臭いとか思っているのなら安心してください。あなた以上に僕はつまんない事が大嫌いです。

I'm the leader of CWPJ Seattle Team, Akio Yamashita. I'm from Ichinomiya, Aichi. ( I know that you don't know where it is. Google it now ) I'm 17 years old and 11th grade. I know nothing about this world now, so I'm gonna try to learn a lot from this grate experience to be a nice leader and matured person. I don't have many friends, so if you joined us, I feel really happy! Please feel free to join even if the reason why you came was not to meet me. If you had nothing to do and came our event, we are all welcome! Ladies and gentlemen who don't have any positive images about volunteer like; it's boring, not fun or not interesting, don't worry about it! I HATE "boring" much more than you!!!!



●Halloween 2014

We are planning to clean up the city with Halloween costume!!

●Flash mob
We are planning to do the flash mob for peace in the world in October!

Halloween Clean-Up at Pike Place Market!

  ●This is the first activity for new CWPJ Seattle Team!

Club World Peace Japan is the biggest teenager's volunteer network in Japan and now there are few branches in North America include Seattle!!

All CWPJ Teams are going to do this Halloween Project at the same moment! We're all welcome your participation and courage to parade with fancy Halloween costume!

You can choose small goods like hair accessories or movie-like special effect makeup to be a Halloween monster for the costume!
Have you ever seen Japanese-style Halloween? Honestly, I can't say it's Halloween...
You should show them the REAL AMERICAN HALLOWEEN!
We're gonna set up some goods for face painting!

★These are our plans!★
1. Cleanup around Pike Place Market!
2. Give a garbage bag and snacks to people on the street!
Of course, we're gonna set up the garbage bags and the snacks!
After that, we're planning to have a small party! (We haven't chosen the place...)

●What to bring : Costume (optional)
Rainwear (Don't forget! You're in Seattle!)

●Meeting Place : Pike Place Market (Meet at Pike place and Pine street!)

●Meeting Time : 5:00 pm, but it's gonna be very helpful if you are there 10 minutes earlier than the meeting time.

All are welcome! feel free to invite someone too!!

*If you wanna bring snacks for this Halloween event, we are all welcome! ( My favorite is caramel )

We are looking forward to seeing you there!
【Contact information】
Please call us when you have something on October 31th
Akio: 206-393-7632 or the contact us by email form@clubwpj.com or form at the bottom!

Contact and more information!

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